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      2009 Spring National Motorcycle Show Fair opening

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      China as our correspondent (reporter xu xia yuan intern Han) yesterday morning,
      China as our correspondent (reporter xu xia yuan intern Han) yesterday morning, in the spring of 2009 national motorcycle and accessories trade fair in convention and exhibition center, China has more than 600 shares companies do. This is our city since 2000, 2003 and 2007, after the fourth time held national motor-bicycle-fittings expo.
      According to understand, the motorcycle and accessories trade fair since opening in 1981, has successfully held for 57 times, the spring and autumn every year two season each event. Due to the trade fair brought together the most motorcycle parts production enterprises and circulation enterprises, so the shares owned both sides held talks on trade, new product technology promotion and communication platform, in recent years, the exhibition also attracted more and more international shares business visit.
      Reporter at the scene to see the exhibition yesterday, more than 600 exhibitors from all over the country, are arrayed before each booth, shows including motorcycle, electric motors, tires, lubricating oil and so on at present motor-bicycle-fittings industry at the forefront of products, from time to time have asked vast trader, just talk, some of them are from Europe and America, southeast Asia and Africa, foreign merchants.
      "Since it held in home national event, we certainly want to have a grasp the opportunity." The event of chongqing Ann group, chongqing changan shock absorber co., LTD., is put in front of the booth for more than 40 sets of by the company independent research and development of motorcycle shock absorber, chongqing WeiPing technology development company, chongqing kechuang motorcycle manufacturing companies, such as local private shares in enterprises, also put in front of the carefully constructed booth of the latest development of motorcycle engine, a bottom plate and other products. "In the current climate is not very good, hope to be able to sign" big "during the show." The relevant person in charge of chongqing chuandong shock absorber manufacturing company clear out for the purpose of the exhibition. And from guangdong, jiangsu, Shanghai and other regions of the motorcycle and accessories production enterprises, products are showing their advantages to attract customers attention.
      According to organizers of the Chinese car industry accessories sales company, the trade fair held in the next two days will continue, interested in motorcycle accessories citizens can visit free entry.
      The opening ceremony of the vice mayor Liu Xuepu attended the fair.