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      China's automobile, motorcycle parts manufacturing base in bishan yesterday

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      Has the reputation of "west China shoes centre" bishan and get a piece of the word sign - yesterday,
      Has the reputation of "west China shoes centre" bishan and get a piece of the word sign - yesterday, the China association of automobile manufacturers gave nameboards bishan "(motorcycle) automotive spare parts manufacturing base in China" title. This is our country the Midwest hinterland first automobile motorcycle parts manufacturing base.
      According to deputy county magistrate Zhu Chaoyang bishan, bishan existing automobile motorcycle and parts production enterprises 202, employees 28000 people, products cover special vehicle vehicle, automobile engine cylinder head and engine flywheel, shock absorber, etc. Among them, the yield of minicars transmission, first in the country occupies more than 60% of the national minicar transmission market; Castle peak company developed the first domestic automobile automatic transmission with completely independent intellectual property rights, and realize the scale production, broke the foreign monopoly. Last year, bishan automobile motorcycle manufacturing to achieve output value 7.83 billion yuan, about a third of the county industrial economy, and components manufacturing output value reached 7.05 billion yuan.
      Since 2004, our country one after another in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the beibu bay and the surrounding area set up five automobile motorcycle parts manufacturing base, the base in eastern coastal line, hasn't been to the western inland. "China's economic development has entered to further promote the development of the western region, the reform and opening up are from the east coast to the inland carried forward in the new period, parts and components industry will need to layout, optimizing adjustment." Secretary general of the China association of automobile manufacturers said Dong Yang, bishan become the sixth China (motorcycle) automotive spare parts manufacturing base, to optimize the parts industry area layout, booster and spare part industry development in western China, chongqing will play a "dot eyeball" action.
      According to the automobile, motorcycle parts manufacturing base of development planning, bishan to build industry chain to perfect, reasonable structure of the mature industrial clusters. By 2012, the county will achieve an annual output of 300000 car, minicar minicars transmission 300000, car brake 5 million units and 1 million sets of automobile engine. Base, will achieve an annual output value 36 billion yuan, accounting for the county industrial proportion reaches 55%, and bishan parts manufacturing output will reach zhuhai parts manufacturing output by more than 20%.
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