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      “Chuandong” was registered in the Trademark Office of the State Administration of Industry & Commerce and enjoys a high popularity in the market. The company passed the certifications of ISO9002 Quality Management System in Oct. 2000 and ISO9001-2000 in Sep. 2004 organized by the CQC.
      The company has been granted “Advanced Award”, “Quality Advanced Award of Motorcycle Supplier” and “Cost Control Advanced Award of Supporting Supplier” by Chongqing Zongshen Group, “Excellent Supporting Enterprise” and “Excellent Supplier” by Jianshe Motorcycle (Group) Co., Ltd., “The First Prize of Excellent Supporting Enterprise” by Chongqing Hengsheng Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd., “Excellent Supporting Enterprise” by Chongqing Guangyu
      Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd., “Excellent Supporting Unit” by Chongqing Yingang Science &Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.,“Excellent Supplier” by Chongqing Hi-bird Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., “Outstanding Supporting Unit” by Chongqing Kington Industry Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing “Glory Star”, “2002 Credit AA Enterprise”, “2003 Credit AAA Enterprise”, “Advanced Unit for Building Modern Enterprise System”, “Credible and Law-abiding Medium-sized and Small Enterprise”, “2003 Advanced Enterprise in Faithful Taxpaying”, “Enterprise Credit AAA Certificate”, “2004 AAA Credit Client”, “Excellent Exhibitor Award” of The 3rd China International SMEs Fair and Sino-France SMEs Fair and “The 3rd China International SMEs Fair Automobile & Motorcycle Accessories and Articles Exhibition ‘Famous Brand’” of the Automobile and Motorcycle Accessories and Articles Chamber of the Commerce of ACFIC. What’s more, our shock absorbers assembled on “Hi-bird” motorcycle successfully attended the relay race with changeable driver and unchangeable motorcycle within 83 days and created two Guinness World Records.